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As Spring begins to move in we need to start getting used to a new type of phrase.  One which many of us have been dying to hear for some time now: “For the first time in two years, [Event of your choice] returns to Cambridge.”  Expect to hear it a lot over the next few months.  And we at the Varsity Hotel Cambridge will be very happy to share this news with you.


Cambridge Half Marathon

So, it is with great joy that we announce that for the first time in two years, the Cambridge Half Marathon is on!  On Sunday March 6th, to be exact.  Many of the streets of Cambridge will be closed for a running procession estimated to be some 14,000 strong.  So perhaps Sunday morning isn’t the best time to pop out for a quick car trip.  It might take a while…

But marathons and half marathons aren’t particularly uncommon, so why exactly is the Cambridge Half Marathon so popular?

Well, let’s get the obvious one out of the way first.  For the past two years close contact among people has had to be limited for public health reasons.  As we are all no doubt painfully aware.  And mass events where large numbers of people share space has been the hardest to restart.  So the fact that we’re now in a position where we can just run together…is beyond heart warming all by itself.

But beyond that, the Cambridge Half Marathon is popular for one of the reasons Cambridge itself is so popular.  The course is simply beautiful.  It’s mostly flat, and winds its way down the city streets and the beautiful countryside.  Including passing down the world famous Backs; straight through some of the central Colleges including Trinity and King’s; past iconic landmarks such as the Senate House and King’s College Chapel.  And then in the final mile past the world famous Varsity Hotel.


Glassworks Gym & Spa

We’re always happy to support the Cambridge Half Marathon and tend to enter a few teams ourselves.  Because one of our businesses is the Glassworks Gym & Spa – so we take health and fitness seriously.  This serious approach takes several forms.

First off, general fitness.  We offer all members full access to our state of the art gym.  Plus, and especially now that things are (whisper it) starting to get back to normal, a wide range of fitness based classes covering everything from aerobics to Zumba.  Then there are our personal trainers.  Fully qualified and excelling in the subtle art of shouting at people to motivate them.

And finally, our sports physios.  Each and every body is different, works differently and recovers from injury differently.  Using a one-size-fits-all approach is never effective, and is anathema to our philosophy.  Whether it’s recovering from a long term injury or simply a post-marathon rub down, we’ve got you covered.

Stop in some time to check out our facilities and offers.