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Chocolate. A word laced with expectation. Pregnant with possibilities. Heavy with the promise of pleasure. People have been enjoying chocolate for centuries. But every once in a while it needs a little extra celebration. We at the Varsity Hotel Cambridge heartily agree, and hope to make this year’s annual celebration of chocolate a memorable one.

National Chocolate Week

Since the Cacao plant from which chocolate is produced is native to the Americas, the European love affair with chocolate is only a few centuries old.  It took a while to catch on as well.  And only really started to take off when combined with another luxury good produced in the region – sugar.  Ironically given the modern love of sweet chocolate, the natural flavour of the seeds of the Cacao plant are quite bitter.

But over the centuries chocolate’s popularity has only increased.  Sparking innovations in chemistry and technology to produce ever better quality chocolate.  And in ever more quantity too.  We long since reached the point where chocolate has become ubiquitous.  You can buy a few dozen different varieties of chocolate related products on every street corner for reasonable prices.

Many people around the world love the way they can afford plenty of tasty varieties of chocolate.  Yet many others feel that much has been lost as well as gained.  The mass production of chocolate has taken much of the artistry and skill out of chocolate production.  And has seriously compromised its status as a luxury product.

But some still appreciate the artisanal aspect of quality chocolate production.  And soon we will all have the opportunity to celebrate this with them.  This year’s National Chocolate Week runs from the 15th to the 21st of October.  Across the country, there will be a host of chocolate related events.  Talks and lectures.  Tastings and demonstrations of the techniques used by chocolatiers.

The Ultimate Package for Chocoholics

As part of this celebration of chocolate, we at the Varsity Hotel Cambridge have put together the ultimate package for chocoholics.  In fact, we’re so excited we’re actually kicking off the celebrations ourselves by offering our package a day early.  On Sunday, October 14th.

Upon arrival at the hotel our guests will receive personalised chocolate boxes created by our local chocolatier, Hotel Chocolat.  Then upon arrival at our Six Panoramic restaurant for dinner, moreish and decadent Nutella Martinis will be waiting for you.

After a good night’s sleep and breakfast the real pampering begins.  With a Chocolate Infused Facial in our Glassworks Health Club.  Fully revived and enthused, participants should then be ready to engage in the serious business of spending the week celebrating the marvel that is chocolate.

The package price is £225 for two people.  See our website to make your booking.