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There are many events held every year in Cambridge.  Some are almost universal, such as Christmas, Halloween, or the Summer itself.  Others are more particular to Cambridge, like the Cambridge Shakespeare festival, or Mill Road Winter Fair.  But every now and then one of these annual events does something special.  And when it does, we at the Varsity Hotel Cambridge like to celebrate it.

Imperial War Museum

RAF Duxford is only twenty minutes drive from Cambridge.  A fighter station during the Second World War, planes launched from Duxford to intercept German bombers during the Battle of Britain.  But unlike so many other minor airfields, RAF Duxford survived the initial set of post-war closures.  Instead lingering on just long enough to instead be converted into the main aerial component of the Imperial War Museum.

A visit to RAF Duxford is like taking a stroll through aviation history.  Walk into a replica of a WWII era fighter command sector.  View the process of filtering information to plan out fighter interceptions as it was done back then.  Relive a part of the Battle of Britain as it unfolded.

Or take a stroll through the warehouse sized hangers full of planes old and new.  See Spitfires and Hurricanes.  Mustangs and Messerschmitts.  Or take a visit to the museum of American aviation.  A special exhibit showcasing all of the greatest US planes from the Second World War and the Cold War.  See Flying Fortresses and a Blackbird.  Propeller driven aircraft on to the earliest of jets.

50 Years of Flying

But as impressive as the static museum displays are, they are not what RAF Duxford is most famous for.  Instead it is the Air Shows.  A chance to see older planes such as Hurricanes and Spitfires fly again.  As well as Wildcats and Bearcats.  Plus a few even older biplanes dating back to WWI!

The Duxford Air Shows have proven very popular with the general public over the years.  And if your visit to Cambridge coincides with one of these events, they are not to be missed.  But this weekend will see an extra special show.  For Saturday October 14th is 50 years to the day since the first ever Duxford Air Show.  And you can count on them making a big deal out of it.

Whether you’re a casual fan to a hard core aviation enthusiast, the Duxford Air Show is a truly special event, not to be missed.  And only an easy drive from The Varsity Hotel Cambridge.