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As we get into summer we’re just starting to regain a semblance of normality.  So we are in turn starting to remember those regular events we used to celebrate like clockwork.  With Father’s Day coming up soon on Sunday June 20th, we at the Varsity Hotel think it’s time to re-engage with some of those old traditional celebrations.


Father’s Day

Father’s Day is an historically peculiar tradition, and so lacks much cohesion or uniformity across cultures and countries.  Celebrated at far more different times of year in different countries than most annual festivals.  It seems that almost everyone throughout history felt that motherhood was worthy of celebration.  That the pervasive yet often subtle influence of a mother on their children should be noted in a special way.  Often in the form of a grand religious festival held annually.

By contrast, the importance of a child’s father was clear in most cultures.  Their impact on their children’s prospects far from subtle in the countless patriarchal societies that have existed throughout history.  For better or for worse.  So the impression given is to ask why anyone would make a big deal out of something so commonplace?  Hence the comparative lack of festivals to celebrate fatherhood across history.

Times have changed, of course.  And societal norms with them.  In the western world at least.  So in the modern era it now makes perfect sense to celebrate the positive influence that fatherhood has on children.  We call this progress.  Though it does raise another perplexing question: what do you get for your father on Father’s Day?


Father’s Day Gifts

The answer, of course, is that it depends heavily on the father in question.  Despite the stereotypes, every man is different and can be expected to have different preferences.  For some, a phone call from their children is all they really want.  For others, especially those with younger kids, a day off would instead be most appreciated.

At the Varsity Hotel we can’t give your dad a day off.  But we can try to make any day off they do have as enjoyable as possible.  All three of our bars, at the River Bar, Roof Terrace and Six, make a mean cocktail.  And while there is some overlap of classic cocktails, each bar has its own speciality house cocktails unique to them alone.

Similarly, while you can get a fine steak or two in Six, it’s the River Bar Steakhouse that truly specialises in them.  While the quality remains the same, the sheer steak options and choice of grilled meats is far greater in the Steakhouse.  Highlights include our brand new 12oz fillet steak; the currently hugely popular tomahawk; and the classic favourite that is the chateaubriand to share.  Perfect for any meat-loving dad!