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The start of October is an interesting time in Cambridge.  Practically overnight the city’s population increases by several thousand as a new Academic Year begins for the University.  Most are students returning for their second year or beyond.  But many are freshers facing the daunting prospect of starting a new life in a new city.  Located in the heart of the city and close to many central Colleges, the Varsity Hotel can serve as an excellent base for parents dropping off new students.

City of Quirks

Cambridge is a city of unwritten rules and strange quirks that freshers need to quickly come to terms with to prosper here.  Starting with the fact that they are entering the Michaelmas Term.  Not the Christmas or Winter Terms that other students would expect.

Newcomers to the city never take long to work out that Cambridge is a bicycle town.  Sometimes they discover this the hard way when encountering veritable hordes of bikes coming the wrong way down one way streets.  Or perhaps when attempting to drive into the city centre.  While the bikes go straight in, cars just seem to bounce off or sling shot back out.

New students wanting to make a good impression should also be aware of the University description of the word “porter”.  For the University, the title means “keeper of the gate” and NOT “carrier of your bags”.  And while it might occasionally seem like a good idea to ask a security guard to give you a hand moving your stuff, it’s not recommended…

Freshers’ Fair

The University does its best to help new arrivals swiftly adjust to the city’s foibles and peculiarities.  Freshers’ Week is filled with helpful classes, course and activities to help ease the transition.  Few are as important as the Freshers’ Fair, held in the Student Union (17 Mill Lane) on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd of October.

This is an excellent opportunity for new arrivals to become acquainted with the grand scope of options they will enjoy here.  All of the sports clubs and other societies they have the chance to join.  Plus a Career Zone to meet recruiters and recent alumni to help plan out their future.  Many organisations set up a stall during Freshers’ Fair.

Including the Glassworks Health Club, Gym and Spa.  We are one of the most centrally located gyms in the city, and so extremely convenient for students of most Colleges.  As a member you would gain full access to the range of activities available at the Glassworks.  From the gym itself, complete with personal trainers and fitness classes.  Through the SPA pool and our excellent sports physiotherapists.  To our Aveda Hair Salon and Elemis Spa.

Full Gym memberships open a wide array of options.  Our student rates are highly competitive.  For full details come and visit us or check out our stall at the Freshers’ Fair.