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We usually consider the late winter to be a dreary time.  Cold, wet and miserable outside, and without something like Christmas to look ahead to.  And this year we can definitely add the title “Stormy” to that mix too.  But in truth, quiet times are sometimes the best times since they allow us the opportunity to do all sorts of things we just haven’t been able to get around to.  And here at the Varsity Hotel Cambridge we’ve got plenty of activities to grab and hold your attention.


A Time of Storms

The past couple of weeks have certainly been something of a rollercoaster in terms of the weather.  Ordinarily, anyone who has lived in England for a while just gets used to the grey monotony of this time of year and learns to ignore it.  But this year the world clearly decided it was time to put on a show!

Storms always serve to spice up an otherwise dreary pattern of English weather.  There’s a certain romance to the bluster.  An incredible beauty in the lightning.  And a sheer sense of awe in the thunder.  All best experienced from indoors, of course.  But the experience always helps us focus on the here and now.  To count what we have to hand as far more important than what might be normally only a short walk away.  Or usually available online.

Like the late winter in general, storms are a time to read books.  To play board games or card games with family.  To write, sing or just dream.  To remind ourselves of the little things in life so often overlooked, but which are so important to us.


Leaving the House

But of course every storm blows over eventually.  And then we’re always desperate to do one thing in particular – leave the house.  And at the Varsity Hotel we’re always happy to see you.

This time of year is also a great time to build our bodies and our fitness back up in time for the coming Spring.  Or perhaps just enjoy a little pampering and attention.  Either way, a membership in our Glassworks Gym & Spa is just what you need.  With full access to our state of the art facilities, personal trainers, dozens of classes and many more beauty treatments, we’ve got you covered.

Or of course you could even brave the outdoors.  Once you’re sure that the storms have really stopped, that is.  The Winter Gardens of the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens are specifically designed to be both beautiful and inspiring at this time of year.  First planted in 1979, they have proved to be immensely popular during the winter, really showcasing the best that Cambridge has to offer in the darker months.

And when you’re done, what better way to recharge yourself than with a hearty steak and a cocktail in our River Bar Steakhouse?