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We’re into March, which means many things here in Cambridge.  Last weekend teams from our very own Glassworks Gym & Spa competed in the Cambridge half marathon.  We try not to win every year, since it really is the taking part that counts.  But this weekend is another great celebration which we at the Varsity Hotel Cambridge believe everyone can get behind: Mother’s Day.

Everyone Loves Mum!

Everyone loves their mother.  It is one of those inimical truths that apply to all people, all cultures, all time periods.  Everyone loves their mother.  In the words of the late, great Brandon Lee (son of Bruce):

“Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children.”

That pretty much sums it up.  Although as we grow up we also go through phases of how much we love our mothers: from the absolute dependence upon them at first; through them being the central figure in our worlds during much of our childhood; then the awkward, grumpy teenage phase when they become insufferable; and out the other side when we start to understand all the little, invisible things they did for us without us ever knowing.

Still, it remains one of those enduring truths.  Mums are awesome!  And every now and then we should remind them of this fact.  After all, no-one likes to be taken for granted.  Even if their love is unconditional.  And as it happens, Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse for “spontaneously” showering affection upon them.

Gifts for Mum?

But what do you get for your mum for Mother’s Day?  There’s no easy answer to that for the simple reason that, (shock & horror), everyone’s mum is different.  In exactly the same way that every women is different.  And few like being categorised.  Making this gift-giving session a potentially perilous activity.

But never fear, that’s why we’re here!  At the Varsity, we recognise that no two people are the same, so we go far further than having a simple, single offer.  Instead, we have multiple Mother’s Day themed options among our different venues, in the hopes that at least one of them will suit your mum.

Enjoy a Sunday Roast down in our cozy River Bar Steakhouse.  Or alternatively, your choice of Afternoon Tea or a special Mother’s Day set lunch menu up in our Six Panoramic Restaurant.  Though if neither of those are suitable, we offer Gift Vouchers for all sorts of activities which can be redeemed at a suitable time of Mum’s choosing.  Such as a decadent, luxurious spa day in the Glassworks, for example…

We at the Varsity Hotel Cambridge look forward to seeing you and your mum this Sunday.