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Well we’ve all made it into a brand new year and had a bit of time to get over the extended Christmas Season too.  So now is the time to take stock, think about priorities, and do our best to achieve our perennial goal: making this year better than last one.  At the Varsity Hotel Cambridge we have plenty of ideas and options to help you out.

New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve all heard the joke among Catholics:

“What are you going to give up for Lent?  My New Year’s Resolution.”

However, since Lent begins a good six weeks into the new year and then itself lasts a further six weeks…well let’s just say that few of us even make it that far.

But perhaps the joke is on us.  We all tend to pick up bad habits over time.  Some of which are trivial.  While others are perhaps more directly damaging to our health.  So having a regular opportunity to take stock, look into ourselves and decide to make changes is not a bad thing.

But making a decision to change how we lead our lives and having the fortitude to stick with our lofty intentions are two completely different things entirely.  Most of us can manage the former.  But usually need a little help with the latter.

Glassworks Gym and Spa

Yet this is exactly what one of the businesses under the larger umbrella of the Varsity Hotel specialises in.  Engaging with those of us who have chosen to change our lives for the better.  And helping us stick with it.

Naturally enough, we do this in the realm of personal health and fitness.  Leaving the more esoteric spiritual health and fitness to more religiously minded types.  Yet they are not too distinct either.  A fit and healthy body is a good way to forge a fit and healthy mind.  And both of these things are a benefit to pretty much anyone.

We achieve this partly through our state of the art gym facilities.  Plus a wide range of classes designed to appeal to different types of people.  For we understand that when it comes to physical exercise, the old adage is true: the best exercise routine for you is the one you enjoy most.  Simply because you’ll do more of it, more often.

This attitude is core to our philosophy.  To reject one-size-fits-all approaches.  And instead go for an individually tailored exercise program.  Our personal trainers will help you to find the fitness program best suited to your needs and abilities.  And, more importantly, to stick with it.  While our sports physios stand ready to help with any issues you’ve picked up along the way.

Plus, of course, the Spa side of our Gym & Spa is always ready to help you relax again afterwards.  Just some of the opportunities available at the Varsity Hotel.  We hope to see you soon.