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As we come to the end of February and have pushed past (hopefully) the last properly cold spell of the winter, two really positive developments have appeared on the horizon.  The first is that Spring is almost here, with all the joy of new life and rebirth that it brings.  The second is that we now have a roadmap for the ending of this final lockdown.  Put together, we can all start making some tentative plans for the future, for the first time in perhaps a year.  At the Varsity Hotel Cambridge we stand ready to help you with those plans.


Spring is Coming

It’s not surprising that many of the annual events we look forward to the most are man-made.  Dates which have meaning only because we choose to give it to them.  Christmas.  Chinese New Year.  Halloween.  This past year has seen all of these events muted by circumstances.

But Spring is different.  For the Spring has nothing to do with humans and our calendars.  Spring is part of the natural world.  The time when life starts to flow back into the world.  From the depths of a cold dark winter, the days start to get longer and warmer.  The bare branches of trees sprout new leaves and even beautiful cherry blossoms.  And the ominous silence is replaced by a cacophony of newly hatched chicks, crying out for their mother to feed them.

The Spring may not be caused by us, yet it still has a profound effect upon us.  Especially on our physical and mental wellbeing.  The warmth and light allow us to comfortably spend more time outdoors.  Gaining the benefits of fresh air, exercise and sunlight.  Especially this year, this can only be a good thing.

Of course this winter has also provided its own unique challenges to our physical and especially mental wellbeing.  Like the near arrival of Spring, announcement of a path out of this lockdown can only be welcome news for all.  And provides us all with new opportunities to regain balance in our lives.  Such as taking a…

Luxury Spa Break

As Spring progresses and restrictions are lifted we will be able to once again reopen our various businesses.  Naturally this will be in strict accordance with government guidelines and health and safety regulations.  These include: the Varsity Hotel itself;  our lovely Six Panoramic Restaurant; the cosy River Bar Steakhouse; and soon enough our ever popular Roof Terrace. Plus,

of course, our Glassworks Spa & Gym.  And in celebration of our reopening we’ve put together a lovely package for the ultimate relaxing getaway – the Spa Escape!

Enjoy a luxurious Spa Break for two in this combination package.  Including a night and breakfast in one of our newly refurbished hotel rooms; Elemis facials and relaxing massages; full access to the Glassworks Spa including our ever popular jacuzzi; and more.  After a longer and more trying winter than most, this could be exactly the sort of refreshing getaway you need.


Of course, since we don’t know exactly when we will be able to reopen, we’re happy to offer gift vouchers for this package.  So that you can then organise the dates and make plans once the picture becomes a little clearer.  And in times like these, the gift of health, relaxation and stress relief may be the best gift that can be given.