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While we all know that Spring comes after Winter, it’s never so easy as just flipping a switch or setting a date and suddenly it’s Spring. As with other recent and more human situations, Spring needs to slowly poke its head out and have a look around before it decides to come out to play. Perhaps sometimes going back to bed for a little while before it really gets its nerve up. But after a long period of teasing, Spring has officially arrived. Like much of the rest of the world, we at the Varsity Hotel Cambridge feel that we’ve waiting long enough. And are very happy to see it.

Inspiration from Nature

In this modern society we live in we can often feel disconnected from the natural world. Streaming nature documentaries directly into our living rooms just isn’t the same as having to live in tune with the seasons. But the arrival of Spring is the exception to this rule. Especially this year. It is so refreshing to be able to go out and about again this Spring.

Blossom Lake

Spending a lot of time indoors is typical for any winter. In this country we may have taken that to extremes this year. But all that means is that the Spring reawakening is even more special this time around.

Suddenly the sun is shining again. The days are getting longer. And warmer. And life outdoors suddenly seems feasible again. We’re loving the opportunity to reconnect with old friends. It’s all very…natural. And that reconciliation with nature can have a profound effect on us all. Mind, body and spirit.

Spring Rejuvenation

We at the Varsity Hotel are doing our best to help with this process. Our Roof Terrace is open once again. Providing a safe, outdoor venue for our customers to meet up with old friends. To soak up some sun and share a drink or two.

Roof Terrace

Similarly, our Glassworks Gym and Spa is back open for business. Providing relief to dozens of people each day as they are finally able to get a proper haircut. Not to mention the stress relieving effects of proper exercise or a deep tissue massage.

We haven’t been idle elsewhere either. The period of closure has provided an excellent opportunity for the refurbishment of many of our hotel rooms. All in the spirit of a Spring rejuvenation. And we look forward to welcoming you back to our other businesses soon.