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We’re firmly into the summer now and it’s turning out to be a true scorcher.  Not at all what you might expect from an English summer.  So in response we feel the need to make a truly bold claim that we never thought we would feel the need to make: the Varsity Hotel Cambridge is an excellent place to stay cool.


Design Flaws

England is stereotypically notorious for its conspicuous lack of what other call a proper summer.  As well demonstrated by the lyrics of an old song:

“In July the sun is hot.  Is it shining?  No it’s not!”

Well it’s shining now and this presents a serious problem.  Because that stereotype of English weather does have some basis in fact.  And so the architecture of the country has been built around that expected temperature range.  So when the thermometer shoots right up we find ourselves in trouble.

Simply put, most buildings in England are built to keep the rain out and the heat in.  Which is great and snug in the winter.  But when shade temperatures start reaching body temperature it’s not so pleasant.  Homes are built with central heating as standard.  Air conditioning is not.  Plus we’re talking about an old country here with lots and lots of old buildings, designed and built before such modern conveniences were even invented.

Then to add to the cavalcade of hilarity, even the country’s infrastructure is in trouble.  The tarmac of roads is designed to deal with a certain temperature range.  So does that mean that the roads can literally melt?  Or at least get a little sticky?  What’s that going to do to cars moving over at speed?  These are problems we’re not used to thinking about in this country.


A Cool Oasis

Strangely enough, Cambridge actually holds the record for the highest recorded temperature in England – 38.7C, recorded in the Cambridge Botanic Gardens in 2019.  It seems likely that between the time this article is written and published we will have lost this dubious honour.

So, what do people need in such times of roasting conditions?  A nice cool oasis from the intense heat.  And that is exactly what we at the Varsity Hotel can provide.  All of our venues are nicely air conditioned, with the obvious exception of our open air Roof Terrace.  Though give it a few days and that will be back to it’s typical immense summer popularity.

The brick walls of our River Bar Steakhouse come from the original warehouse structure.  Making it snug in the winter yet surprisingly cool in the summer.  Comfort and relaxation is precisely what our Glassworks Gym and Spa was designed for.  While our Six Restaurant pulls off the delicate balance of amazing views and maintaining comfort.

So if you need a cool oasis to escape to in the coming days, stop by the Varsity Hotel.