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Spring is almost upon us.  Which means that the weather should soon be improving.  Fresh green shoots should soon start emerging from the ground and the temperature should start to rise.  In theory at least – though right now it feels like Winter isn’t quite done with us just yet.  Nevertheless, it will soon be time to reengage with those outdoor pursuits we tend to put on hold for the Winter.  And as ever, we at the Varsity Hotel Cambridge are ready to assist.

Out of Hibernation

For most of us, Winter is much more of an indoors time of year.  Outside tends to range from crisp yet cold to wet and cold, with an occasional bout of freezing thrown in for good measure.  And when it’s going dark as early as 4pm, there’s not too much time to enjoy the daylight.  So it is in the Spring that we tend to emerge like the rest of nature, and start the process of reclaiming the outdoors.

However, there are always those among us more keen than others.  More willing to get out there and engage before the weather really permits it – especially this year.  And Cambridge tends to be full of such people.

Last weekend saw the Cambridge half marathon.  A celebration of fitness, charting a course through the heart of the city centre and Colleges before making a great loop out into the countryside.

This week the Lent Bumps are on.  Not as large or famous as the May Bumps, this series of madcap rowing races are still a unique treat for anyone interesting in either the sport itself or simply interested in peculiar traditions.  Cambridge is full of those.

And next week on Sunday March 19th we’ll be seeing the return of the Chariots of Fire, postponed from last year due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.  Based on old University traditions as showcased in the film of the same name, Chariots of Fire is a short dash relay race in the centre of the city.

Glassworks Gym

For those involved in these running races the question must be asked – where do they train during the winter?  Sure, in warmer times you can run anywhere there is land.  But in the cold, dark depths of the winter it may not be so simple.  It’s hard to focus on your form, breathing and technique when there is ice on the ground.

The answer, of course, is a place such as our very own Glassworks Gym & Spa.  Many of the runners in the half marathon and at least one relay team every Chariots of Fire trains with and is often sponsored by us.

For the Glassworks delivers the full package.  Not simply a Gym membership granting access to running machines during the winter.  But also personal trainers who can tailor a fitness program to your needs, and also help motivate you and work on your technique.  Plus an array of sports physios to work out the kinks in those sore muscles.  And for the more competitive amongst us, access to certain local races otherwise challenging to enter or qualify for.

Just a small portion of the services on offer at the Varsity Hotel.