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We’re into February and that means one thing – Valentine’s Day is near.  As anyone walking down a British high street can clearly and easily ascertain.  This annual celebration of love is a difficult thing to forget or ignore, leaving no man with a reasonable excuse for doing so.  Still, we at the Varsity Hotel Cambridge are always proud to support this festival of love.

Really Necessary?

The true romantics among us would argue that there is no need for Valentine’s Day.  If you truly love someone, they would say, then there’s no need for a formal reminder to tell or show them.  In fact if it is expected, then it just cheapens any gesture made.  Because your partner knows it was no spontaneous gesture.  But instead merely conforming to what society deems to be suitable.

A sweet notion.  But it forgets the fact that the rest of us live in the real world.  Where there are other small issues that may stand in the way of a continual expression of true love.  Things such as jobs, bills, friends and hobbies.  The stuff that make up real peoples’ live and not fairy tales.  So perhaps it is a good thing that we get a reminder.

And that’s what Valentine’s Day is.  Or at least what it is supposed to be.  A reminder to tell the person we love that we love them.  To show them.  Which begs the question…how?  How to best do this and how to change things up once in a while so the relationship remains fresh?

Say it with…

The classics are flowers, chocolates, jewellery, cards or love letters and a romantic dinner.  And they are classics for a reason.  But this year perhaps there are options to go the extra mile.  Because this year in Cambridge, Valentine’s weekend will see the return of the Cambridge Chocolate Festival.

That’s right.  A three day celebration of chocolate.  What could be more romantic?  Certainly, we’re talking about chocolate desserts and baskets to take home.  But we’re also talking about lectures on the subject given by local expert chocolatiers.  Many stalls from chocolate shops with samples for tasting.  And of course, chocolate cocktails.  All themed towards making an unforgettable Valentine’s experience for a loving couple.

But of course, when it comes to a romantic getaway then the Varsity Hotel is the clear frontrunner.  The luxurious rooms in our boutique hotel are perfect for your needs.  And when you throw in massages, the jacuzzi and general pampering in our Glassworks Spa, the package is ideal.

And when it comes to romantic meals, neither our Six Panoramic Restaurant nor our River Bar Steakhouse will disappoint.  We’ve arranged special Valentine’s menus for your dining pleasure, with sharing options and plenty of chocolate.  We look forward so seeing you (both) soon.