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Wintertime moves steadily forwards with little change in the weather.  January gives way to February, which can mean only one thing.  It is time for that celebration of love that is Valentine’s Day.  And at the Varsity Hotel, Cambridge, we’re happy to help you celebrate.


Some people sneer at the idea of Valentine’s Day.  Many simply because they have no love in their life to celebrate.  Others level accusations of crass commercialisation sullying an ancient and pure pageant of love.  Which is a little ridiculous when you consider its actual history.

St. Valentine himself was a Christian, martyred (probably) on February 14th in the city of Rome sometime during the 3rd century.  And…that’s it.  That’s all that is known about him.  Who he was, what he did, why he was martyred…all lost to time.  Which makes him a wonderfully vague saint.

True, St. Valentine is the patron saint of courtly love and engaged couples.  In other words, of the types of romances approved of by the Church.  That’s a far cry from being the patron saint of forbidden romance or star crossed lovers.  And he’s also the patron saint of both beekeepers and (a cure for) epilepsy.  Busy man.  Just don’t ask how these go together…

Alright so the legacy of the actual St Valentine may be complicated.  But St. Valentine’s Day is still an ancient festival, right?

Well, that’s certainly how Chaucer presents it in his 14th century Canterbury Tales.  The problem is that there’s no evidence of it existing before then.  Which has led many to believe that Chaucer simply made the whole thing up to embellish a story.  Just like modern writers and film makers do all the time.

So if you’re ever worried about Valentine’s Day, then don’t be.  It continues to be what it always has been – exactly what we choose to make of it.  Something that, when you’re in love, makes perfect sense.  Embrace it.

A Little Help

“Love is all you need,” as the song goes.  But sometimes we all need a little help in materially showing that love.  For that, we at the Varsity Hotel are here to help.

To start with, we’ve got a romantic three course set menu available at our Six Panoramic Restaurant on the night itself.  Plenty of choice, with options for all dietary requirements.  Plus a selection of romantically themed desserts and cocktails.

But if you prefer the warm, cosy indoors to heights, our River Bar Steakhouse offers a separate three course set menu as well.  Something for everyone.

Alternatively, if you’re more concerned about getting a perfect gift, we’ve got you covered too.  We offer a wide range of vouchers to cover all our various services.  But it would be hard to beat a luxurious day of pampering and massages spent in our Glassworks Gym and Spa.  Especially not one topped off with a visit to our SPA Pool…