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As we move into late August the summer is coming inexorably closer to its end.  The days are getting shorter, and the nights starting to get a little chilly.  But, as we at the Varsity Hotel Cambridge know full well, the summer’s not over yet!


A Lazy Time

August often feels like a lazy month.  The start of summer is always a time of frenetic activity.  Every year it feels like forever since we were allowed out.  Since we could meet friends for BBQs over long sunlit evenings.  And not have to bring a coat.  For obvious reasons this feeling was even stronger this year.

But summer doesn’t tend to settle down after the first few weeks.  The joy of sunshine and the novelty of warm weather lasts a long time.  And in more normal years there are always a plethora of events and festivals to attend.  Summer parties and holidays.  And, of course, hanging over all of it is the spectre of English weather.  That idea that we really have to make the most of the sunshine while it lasts, because it may end at any moment and simply be gone until next year.

But by August the spell has worn off to some extent.  We’re all so used to warm weather that it’s no longer a novelty – it’s expected.  Sure, the sun may not be shining, but we’ve seen enough of it by now anyway.  We no longer crave it the way we did back in April or May.  By August many of us resemble contented cats, lazily reclining in the warmth and letting the world pass us by.


Summer’s Not Over

It’s not a bad way to live.  But there’s a catch.  Every year we love the arrival of summer.  But every year we are also somehow surprised when it ends.  The dropping temperatures are a shock to our systems.  Almost an affront.  By this time we’re so used to not worrying if it’s a little cold outside that when we suddenly have to again it feels somehow brutally unfair.  Despite the fact that it happens every year.

But that’s for the future.  There are surely at least a few more weeks of warm weather before the inevitable chill sets in.  And our ever popular Roof Terrace is the perfect metaphor for this.  When the weather is bad, it closes.  And as winter sets in it will close for the season.

But while the summer still lasts it is the ideal venue in Cambridge.  Enjoy a cocktail, glass of wine or one of our extra special Frozés whilst enjoying stunning views of our lovely city.  Or, if you’re feeling lazy like that happy cat, stretching out in the sun on one of our sofas is as close to being one as you’re likely to get.

We look forward to welcoming you for at least a few more weeks.