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Spring is finally upon us, and in this weirdest of years its arrival has a double meaning and a double impact.  The end is now in sight for both winter and the lockdown itself.  Time to start making plans for the future.  And at the Varsity Hotel Cambridge we’ve put together a lovely Spring Staycation package to help you bridge the gap.


Time of Renewal

Spring may happen every year, but its arrival is always more than welcome.  Months of darkness and cold, short days make us yearn for the light and the warmth of summer.  But summer doesn’t arrive overnight.  And in England it arrives sporadically at best.  Sometimes “summer” (or at least “summer weather”) is limited to a couple of weeks in May and another couple in October.

But Spring is different.  For Spring sees the replacement of the barren ground with flourishing new life.  From the skeletal trees come new buds, leaves and then an eruption of blossom.  And from the silence of hibernation comes the cacophony of young creatures crying out for their mothers.

This year human life may mirror that of the natural world.  The various winter lockdowns have been almost like a winter hibernation for human society.  But now the ice is melting, albeit slowly.  As the Spring progresses and moves into Summer the restrictions on our lives will also melt away, one by one.  And for many of us opportunities that we used to take for granted will be like a much-loved luxury returning in stock after a long absence.


Spring Staycation

At the Varsity Hotel, we’re starting to make plans for a phased reopening of our different departments.  But we’ve already got one such treat in mind – a Spring Staycation.

“Staycation” used to be a negative word.  As in “I’d like to take a real vacation but can’t afford the money/time away so I’ll have to settle for staying at home”.  But that’s not how it is in this most peculiar of years.  This year we’ve all had quite enough of just staying at home, thank you very much.  But since the UK is ahead of the curve it will take quite some time for international travel to rebound and become a viable option for holidays once more.

We at the Varsity Hotel appreciate this, so we’ve put together a Spring Staycation package for your consideration.  An opportunity to safely get away for a few days.  Leave the house.  Leave the stress behind.  Relax in luxurious room you won’t have to clean afterwards.  Meals you don’t have to prepare.  Enjoy a bottle of bubbly and a Swedish massage.

A year ago these simple luxuries were so commonplace it would be hard to even call them “luxuries”.  But now, the opportunity to enjoy them in safety?  That’s priceless.

Yet at the Varsity Hotel, competitively priced.