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With the lifting of final lockdown measures across the UK, life seems to be returning to some semblance of normality.  At least for now.  While this is still England and so the celebrations are unlikely to include crowds dancing in the streets, at least we can dance again.  Which is great news.  We at the Varsity Hotel Cambridge can certainly sympathise with everyone who feels its been far too long since we had a good party.


Summer Appreciation

Summer has always been a time to kick back and relax.  The sunshine beckons us outdoors and the heat makes us too lethargic to do much else.  Well at least in theory – English summers aren’t exactly known for being uniformly hot and sunny…

However, as everyone is probably getting sick of both saying and hearing, this year is different  The long periods of lockdown have left us all itching to be free, let our hair down and let loose for a while.  It’s just been too long since we had a party.

More specifically, a work party.  Last summer everything was still uncertain, and Christmas parties just didn’t happen.  So, for many businesses it’s been 18 months since they threw a party for their employees.  And during that time there has been much disruption.  Many workers have gone on furlough.  Others have been working from home and having to adapt to new technologies and master the art of the Zoom call.


Summer Appreciation Parties

So, now that parties of significant size can once again be arranged, many companies have decided to show their loyal employees some much deserved appreciation.  It’s clearly not a Christmas party, so let’s just call it a “Summer Appreciation Party” and be happy with that.  And if it takes a little bit longer to arrange then “Autumn Appreciation” is still a good excuse for a party.

In honour of the final lifting of restrictions, we’re dusting off and revamping out party menus.  Each of our three primary hospitality venues offers a unique experience when it comes to parties.  The snug and intimate River Bar Steakhouse is an ideal venue for building togetherness in a small team.  While the more expansive Six Panoramic Restaurant provides a great balance between feasting and drinking for groups large or small.

But when it comes to less formal parties, it’s fair to say that our Roof Terrace takes the cake.  With its wide, open air spaces, the Roof Terrace is well suited to allowing larger groups to splinter and reform as needed.  Great for those mingling and getting-to-know-you kind of parties where drinks and nibbles are more suitable than a 3 course meal.  Providing, of course, the weather holds out.

Whatever your needs, our sales team stands ready to arrange your perfect Summer Appreciation Party.  Drop us a line or drop in to view our venues today.