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It has been quite some time since many businesses and individuals felt they could make medium term plans with confidence.  The confidence that the future date you planned out your party, meeting or conference would still be good when you reached it.  And that no pesky travel restrictions or lockdowns would interfere.  But as it’s looking like we’re past this phase of inconvenience, it’s time to start making plans again.  And when we’re talking venues to suit your needs, the Varsity Hotel Cambridge has it.

A Range of Activities

There are a lot of different activities which are considered to be “events” within the hospitality industry.  These range from a small private party of barely a dozen guests hiring out their own room.  To a series of company conferences, lectures and training sessions requiring the use of multiple meeting rooms, hotel rooms and a restaurant.  To company sized Christmas parties.  To huge wedding receptions necessitating the hiring of an entire venue.

At the Varsity Hotel we’ve seen it all and we can cater to all.  For the Varsity Hotel isn’t just the Varsity Hotel, with its many boutique hotel rooms and meeting rooms.  Instead it includes our other venues which can also be hired out in part or in full as needed:

Six Panoramic Restaurant is a truly special venue.  Six stories up and entirely glass fronted, Six offers a wide variety of views across parks, greenery, and the iconic architecture of the city centre.  In addition to our diverse main menu we also offer specialities such as Afternoon Tea and both events menus and Christmas party menus.

Meanwhile on the ground level our River Bar Steakhouse is highly regarded by meat lovers, wine lovers and cocktail lovers alike.  While hotel guests have full access to our Glassworks Gym & Spa for the duration of their stay.

And, when it reopens again in the Spring, our Rooftop Terrace is easily considered one of the best outdoor venues in town.


Offers for All

At the Varsity Hotel we believe in providing our guests with options.  This means that we have plenty of packages and set menus available for your perusal.  But also for many events the option to make custom arrangements to suit your own personal needs.

One of the most popular of these are our wide array of gift vouchers.  Want to treat someone to an Afternoon Tea?  Or a luxurious Spa day?  Or perhaps a luxurious Spa day broken up by an Afternoon Tea?  Makes for a great gift, but how do you know what dates/times suits them best?  With our gift vouchers, you don’t have to.  You buy the voucher for the services of your choosing, then they can redeem it whenever suits them best.  A simple and elegant solution to an often troublesome issue.

And then who could forget Christmas Parties?  Especially at this time of year.  We offer an array of set Christmas Party Menus for our venues designed to be easily scaled for groups large or small.  Whether it’s for a small team or a large company, we at the Varsity Hotel can provide for your needs.  Hope to see you soon.